woensdag 20 oktober 2010

Locked in

As I keep on searching for trouble my Master Kevin decided to lock me up in prison (MGM) for a while just to cool me down a bit. In there i got lots of inspiration and wrote a short story. Here is is:

Oktober the 20th - second life: Anniki Meijer has been sentenced to serve 90 days in jail for finding some illegal drugs she carried with her...

As i enter the prison i am given a suit to wear. I walk into the washing room and the female warden follows me in. She orders me to undress and take a shower.  I ask her 'Can i be alone while i take a shower'.  The warden smiles... 'No girl.. i need to keep a close eye on you'. She pulls me towards the bench and orders 'Take off your clothes'. I slowly unbutton my blouse feeling very looked at. The warden notices my hesitation and comes closer. 'Let me help you with that' she says. She starts unbuttoning my blouse and now and then i feel her fingertips touching my bare skin undertneath. My heart races as the warden is standing so close, touching me. I slowly take of my blouse and unbutton my pants as it drops on the floor. Picking it up and folding it and lay the pile of clothing on the bench. As i stand there merely in my underwear the warden orders me to take it off. I cover up my body with my hands feeling uncomfortable knowing i have to be all naked in front of the warden. I slowly unhook my bra and take it off, my nipples erect from the cold chill here in the washingroom. 'The bottom too' the warden says with a strict voice. I slowly pull down my undies and come up again standing there bare naked. 'I first have to do an inspection' the warden says. 'Go stand there and spread your legs a little, your hands held behind your head'. I follow her orders as she comes close. First her hands run through my hair, checking each spot, moving down along my face. I notice the strict but yet sensual touch with what she is inspecting me. Her fingertips running along my cheek towards my mouth. Suddenly two fingers enter my mouth. As if she wants to inspect the oral cavitiy. In a reflex i start to gently suck on the wardens fingers. The warden grins 'Ooh waht a greedy little girl you are' and suddenly turns strict again and pulls her fingers out. Her hands move down along my shoulders, down to my chest as she suddenly cups my breasts with her two hands pressing them up. The thumbs of her both hands gently flick over my erect nipples. I close my eyes and my breathing stops for a second. Her indexfinger and thumb now gently but firmly squeeze on my both nipples. My eyes still closed i notice she is coming more close as i can feel her breath on my skin. The warden still cupping my breats, starts to suck on my right nipple. I slowly open my eyes and let out a slight moan while her tongue licks and flicks my right nipple and the fingers of the other hand pressing and squeezing my other nipple. 'This is part of the inspection' the warden says with a stringent voice. I can't help but moan, breath more heavily. With my legs spread a little i have to watch out the warden doesnt notices i am getting aroused by this inspection. The wardens hands move down along my hips to my back as they cup my asscheeks and with that she is pressing my body against hers whispering in my ear 'Your not getting aroused are you?'. She lets go of my asscheeks as her hands move along my hips again. The warden squats down and her hands start inspecting my thighs. With a gentle but firm touch her hands move between my inner thigs. I hold my breath not wanting her to find out her touch does arouse me. Her fingers run along my inner thighs as i feel them going up towards my lips. Still holding my breath her fingers run along my allready moist slit. 'You are getting aroused, you bad bad girl' and again more stringent 'Turn around and bend over!'. On her word i turn round with my back facing her. 'Go bend over you bad girl, this is also part of the inspection'. As I bend over with my legs spread a little and my ass pointed backwards i feel very uncomfortable and yet so aroused being exposed like that not knowing what will come. The warden takes her rubber baton and runs it along my ass crack as she orders 'Spread your asscheeks a little wider for me with your hands'. I follow her instruction and hold my asscheeks to let them part wider to display for the inspection. The baton runs along my asscrack down to my moist lips. The tip of the batton is covered with my juices all glinstering. My breath getting more heavy, my heart racing,  my desire running wild as the baton strokes along my lips parting them letting the tip rub against my lovebutton. I gasp for air as i suddenly feel the warm smooth touch of the wardens tongue licking my inner thighs. The warden now on her knees behind me as she starts a thourough oral inspection. Her tongue licking my velvet skin between my legs towards my asscrack. Her hands spreading my asscheeks even wider as her tongue moves towards my asshole. The tongue flicking over my asshole making my body shiver of excitement for a moment. Her licking tongue moves down along my lips, gently nibbling on one of them. She pushes her tongue between my lips and parts them letting my rich cream juices cover her tongue. With no hesitation the warden pushes her tongue deep inside my warm wet pussy hole and in an immediate reaction she feels my inner walls clamping on her tongue. I moan out loud as she enters her tongue all forgetting I am in the middle of a washingroom in a jailhouse. I spread my legs just a little wider. Closing my eyes enjoying her tongue. Her tongue moves up flicking over my asshole, as i feel the tip pushing against my tight hole, slightly entering. My body reacts with a shiver as her tongue is pressed in. I hear the warden is grabbing something. Can it be her baton again? i am thinking. Yes it is. She runs the baton over my soaken lips, her hands parting them. The tip again glistering from my juices she gently presses the tip against my pussyhole. My breath stops as i feel the baton enter my wet but tight cunt. Still bending over she starts fucking my cunt with the baton pushing it in deep while her tongue is licking my asshole. Her thumb rubbing my fully exposed and swollen lovebutton. My breath running wild, my heart racing, moaning loudly. All my muscles in my lower body begin to twinch as she is fucking me wild with the baton. I close my eyes and can't control my body much longer. My body starts to shudder, moaning so loud, feeling all my inner muscles clamping on the baton. I soon feel i am leaving this world coming up to a climax. The wardens thumb rubbing my clit hard, her tongue in my ass. Then a sudden release comes over my body as my climax runs through my body. A warm rush runs all the way from my cunt to my head. Moaning loudly, screaming 'yesss, yesss' as i cum on the wardens face. Shaking and shuddering, all my juices squirting along the length of the baton into her face. Not long after that she rises up as if nothing happened. As i slowly come back to earth, my inner muscles still twinching pulstatingly she orders me to stand up again. 'Go put your prison suit on girl and follow me'.

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  1. Good story, she needs to be strictly threated, then she won't be naughty, she's a bad girl...